[SOI] BW Control Decklist Update

So I haven’t had much time to critically test the BW Control deck I posted a while back. I’ve been playing on XMage and have made a decent amount of changes to the deck. I’ve taken a new deck list to my most recent FNM and plan to take it again to this week’s FNM. First off I’ll post the new deck list, then highlight why I made the changes, and then I’ll summarize my mediocre performance at FNM and why I’m not terribly worried about it. Continue reading


[SOI] Prerelease Experience

So I’ve now played in all 6 of my LGS’s prerelease events (which was way more than I originally intended to sign up for and cost me a lot). In total there was a 3-round midnight event, a pack-per-win event on Saturday, a Top 8 full rounds event on Saturday, a casual 2-round pack-per-win + 1 pack event on Sunday, and a Two-Headed Giant event on Sunday. Continue reading

[SOI] Midnight Prerelease

So I just finished the midnight prerelease for Shadows Over Innistrad at my local game store and it was pretty amazing. I went 3-0 (2-0 each round) for an overall second place (1st place just had better breakers than me). What really amazed me, though, was how I initially was so disappointed by my pile of cards and yet how they turned into synergies that were enough to get there each and every game. It’s almost 5am here, and I have more prerelease events to attend later this morning so for now I’ll just offer up the rares I opened (no double-rare packs for me tonight) and my deck list that I ended up playing. I’d say I’ll write up a more thorough report tomorrow but by the time I get back I won’t remember tonight’s games in all likelihood. Continue reading