[SOI] Prerelease Experience

So I’ve now played in all 6 of my LGS’s prerelease events (which was way more than I originally intended to sign up for and cost me a lot). In total there was a 3-round midnight event, a pack-per-win event on Saturday, a Top 8 full rounds event on Saturday, a casual 2-round pack-per-win + 1 pack event on Sunday, and a Two-Headed Giant event on Sunday.

I had my best luck with BW “stuff” decks on both Friday at midnight and in the Two-Headed Giant event. BW cards just feel absolutely amazing. On Friday I was using the list from the previous post and just got so much out of it. Today I was running a very different type of BW(r) that sought to get some value through Accursed Witch and Pious Evangel and back that up with Madness (enabled by the Nahiri I splashed red four and my partner’s blue looter creature – name I can’t remember). I got to run To the Slaughter (underwhelming in each of our games, but still decent), Anguished Unmaking, Silverstrike, and Deadweight for removal while my partner was in on UG control/tempo-ish plays. He had a Thing in the Ice that we really wanted to flip but it seemed that each of our opponent pairs had a timely Bound by Moonsilver (one time they literally top-decked it when we had 1 Ice counter remaining and my partner had only sorceries to cast).

A few other things I tried this weekend… During the Saturday Top 8 event I basically ran the equivalent of a “Junk” deck in that I opened a Sorin, a Westvale Abbey, and a Descend Upon the Sinful but didn’t have great value in either Black or White. I had good fixing for green so I tried to jam in green so I could force Sorin. Unfortunately my green didn’t fill out my mana curve well and I was forced to play terrible cards in my 2/3 drop slots just to make it work. My blue pool, in retrospect, was pretty amazing and I think I could have pulled off a much better record with UW spirits/whatever. I was too tempted by the Abbey/Sorin though and while I demolished my first two opponents (even stalling for long enough to flip Westvale in one match and absolutely take over) my later games saw me crushed by well-built and fast RG “aggro” decks. I went 2-3 in a 5 round tournament (I didn’t drop because I was driving others home so I had to stay no matter what and it was a prerelease so I do what I want).

I honestly don’t remember what I did for the Saturday morning event. It was 4 rounds and I went 2-2 which was disappointing. I think I remember having decent black/white removal and garbage black/white creatures and decent red/green creatures with mediocre red/green removal. I do think I went red/green but I was just never able to deal with opponents’ threats.

Sunday morning was even more absurd. I didn’t have a single color I felt good about but I opened a Thing in the Ice and since it was only two rounds and I was guaranteed a pack I tried to force a Thing in the Ice / Morkrut Necropod “combo.” I added in some stall-ish creatures and way too many questionable instants/sorceries. Luckily I also had a Tamiyo’s Journal so I could at least find my Thing in the Ice if the game went really long. I never flipped Thing in the Ice. I got close two times – once it was Bound by Moonsilver and the second time my opponent used “Welcome to the Fold” when I was at one counter. Unwilling to let HIM flip my Thing (which sounds weird) I then Engulfed the Shores with 5 Islands to bounce it to my hand. I proceeded to lose, badly. Whatever.

My Two-Headed Giant games were absolutely the most fun I had all weekend. I mentioned that I was on BW “stuff” and my partner was on UG control/tempo (with bounce spells, good werewolves, card draw, and Thing in the Ice). I’ve played Two-Headed Giant once before (for the OGW prerelease) but this was just awesome. Our only loss was our first matchup when I drew almost only lands after keeping a good opening 7 and our opponents answered literally every threat and had flying threats that we didn’t/couldn’t deal with in time. Oh well.

Noteworthy opens from me:

  • Sorin, Grim Nemesis,
  • Nahiri, the Harbinger
  • Westvale Abbey
  • Descend upon the Sinful x2

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