Hedron Alignment

I know what you’re thinking – this is going to be a garbage post… well, you’re likely right. A long time obsession of mine has been Hedron Alignment and I actually played a UB Hedron Alignment to moderate success (self-defined) back in OGW Standard because Delve was still legal. You could sometimes steal games by winning out of nowhere by Delve-casting a Dig Through Time on your opponent’s end step and getting the last Hedron Alignment into exile at instant speed.

Today I’m going to review the many (but inefficient) ways to get Hedron Alignment into exile in Standard. I’m not doing this because I believe a Hedron Alignment deck can be competitive at the moment, but because I really want to play the deck again at some FNM in the next few months and want to see what color combination is required to realistically have any chance of winning.

So let’s get started by breaking things down into colors and then listing cards that can exile your Hedron Alignment. My current search is based on using Gatherer rather than another site for no particular reason. I simply searched for any card with “exile” in the rules text that is also Standard legal and then manually chose cards out of the results.


Angelic Purge, Ironwright’s Cleansing


Lost Legacy, Transgress the Mind


Spell Shrivel, Summary Dismissal, Void Shatter

Have to head back to work now but I’ll try to finish this post later. For now it’s looking like Sultai (BUG) might be the best option as you get the exile effects from Blue and Black but also the graveyard recursion of Green. I’m thinking something like a self-mill deck that then tries to Lost Legacy the Hedron Alignment into Exile and then recur another one back to hand? Probably still not playable but it’s the best I’ve got at the moment.


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