I want to be upfront about this one fact. I’m not an expert Magic: The Gathering player. Nor do I consider myself to be particularly great at theorycrafting, deckbuilding, or any other particular aspect of the game. But I love to think about ways to play the game, especially slightly odd ways. I alternate between phases of acting like a Spike and phases of acting like a Johnny. I enjoy alternate win condition cards even when they’re not viable but I also enjoy playing solid decks and have no problem with net decking for bigger tournaments.

I first started playing MTG back when 7th Edition was the most recent core set (2001). I played until Mirrodin came out in 2003 and then stopped. I only just recently got back into MTG as the Battle for Zendikar (2015) set was wrapping up. I currently only play in Limited formats and Standard while I decide how much I’m willing to invest to get back into the game.

This blog will be dedicated to writing about MTG in general, but also specifically about random ideas I have for decks. I hope you enjoy reading along as I recount my stupid ideas and adventures at my local card shop.


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